This Is The Bit Of A Bottle Of Wine That Gets You Drunk

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May 1, 2018
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September 5, 2019
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This Is The Bit Of A Bottle Of Wine That Gets You Drunk


I’ve swapped pens and pencil on paper for a bamboo stylus and tablet. I’m rather happy with the results. This will be added to my greetings card collections available to purchase on Etsy.


About this drawing.

I love a glass of red wine, in fact I like more than just one glass, and occasionally the wine is so tasty and the company is so good that three glasses easily happen. Generally speaking, this is still a safe zone. Occasionally, that last bit left in the bottle becomes totally enticing, and oh dear, that will be the bit that sends you over the edge, not only by maxing out your tipsy fun, but also by blessing the next day with a woolly hangover from hell. I have over the years concluded that all the alcohol is in that last glass of wine – the rest is totally safe. Always give this last bit away then open a fresh bottle, and you’ll be fine.


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