Customised Promotional Badges from my Colchester Studio

In my studio I have a lot of equipment, including my shiny new badge machine. Although I design a lot of badges of my own to sell, I thought offering my services to small businesses, bands, and other artists would be a lovely way to get even more use out of it.

Here’s the deal:

  • Classic 22mm pin badges
  • Small runs welcome – a batch of 45 badges costs £45 (does not include p&p)
  • Send me a logo or image and I do the rest
  • Get me to help with artwork, then I do the rest (costs a bit more to cover design time)
  • Good for bands
  • Fab for art exhibitions
  • Awesome for  small businesses

My prices are actually VERY competitive compared to the bigger companies online who quite frankly dislike small runs, but even more important is the fact that if you buy from me, you are helping to support a small business and keep an art studio viable. Plus, whenever I get an order, I do a pixie dance of happiness, which is priceless.

Here are some badges I made earlier

promotional badges for apples and pears

This is an order that I did for Apples & Pears Clothing – a plus-size brand that is big on being body-positive. I came up with three messages to be printed on badges that tied in with her brand colours and style. These badges were handed out at a fashion show where they got lots of people talking about her brand at the event. the owner Liz is thinking of included them in online orders to her customers too.

promotional badges for a small business in Essex

And here are some badges of my own

Be More Keanu Badges by KerryMcCarthy

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