Sounds of 2018 – Soundscapes To Do Not Much To

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August 15, 2017
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Sounds of 2018 – Soundscapes To Do Not Much To


This is a new series, inspired by the meditative qualities of documented sounds. While a visual medium is necessary – a title, or photograph from an adventure,  I do not plan to fall back on videos to share the sounds I will be collecting. Instead, I will be using my Zoom 2000, my gorgeous and totally faithful sound recorder.

Which sounds will I be collecting?

This year it will be the things that I hear while hiking. Birdsong, grass, distant traffic, wind, the creak of the trees, my own breath on a foggy day, the distant sound of gunfire, waves crashing on a rock, the silence of a west coast sunset. Who knows. The importance is that without the need to watch a moving image, the sound will take you on a journey in your own mind. An escape that lies deep within your own self.

What will I do with these sounds?

I plan to create a collection of soundscapes that the listener can choose to “do not much to”. Break the silence of an empty day, create a space alive with the hustle and bustle of an urban space, bring in the gentle sounds of nature, to drown out the sound of the human hive. There will also be journeys that can take you through these environments, where scenic experiences can only ever be heard, blending into the next adventure.

What will you do with these sounds?

You will relax, you will exercise, you will imagine, you will make love, you will make dinner, you will cry, you will laugh, you will chat with your friends. You may even use them as a background to record you own meditations over.

Why sounds?

In 2018 I plan to explore how to be creative without creating more stuff – adding to this never-ending tide of “stuff” to be thrown away, given away, hoarded, and ultimately left to slowly disintegrate and/or poison the planet further. Sound is a way to do this. I will also be experimenting with making “stuff” with eco credentials – out of things that will naturally compost and degrade, things that avoid adding chemicals to the mix, things that can be found in nature, and returned to nature – existing for us in an altered state for the briefest of geological time.

I will also be focussed on travelling in time, pretty sure of it.



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