Stuck In A Virtuous Circle?

Suzie in a Threesome Coking Mechanism by Kerry McCarthy
Coking Mechanism – Suzie in a Threesome (2014)
February 5, 2015
warm white womb 1 by kerry mccarthy arts
Warm White Wombs
February 24, 2016
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Stuck In A Virtuous Circle?

stuck in a virtuous circle drawing


stuck in a virtuous circle drawing kerry mccarthy arts

While wandering around in yet another vicious circle of my own making, I wondered why we don’t seem to ever get stuck in virtuous ones. After great deliberation, I concluded that vicious circles must be made of stickier stuff. Virtuous ones are quite slidey.



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  1. I love this! I think in some twisted way we get a kick from being in a virtuous cycle and don’t necessarily see it or be aware of it and that just reminds me about how mindful we really need to be, easier said than done when those pesky hormones have a party!

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